5 Excellent Indoor Physical Exercises For Business Owners

indoor physical exercises

During this lockdown season, all public meetings have been banned in most regions to prevent a person to person contacts to mitigate this pandemic.

These public meetings happen in places such as; entertainment places like pubs, gym and workout centers, public relaxation sites, as well as other places that bring together a crowd of people.

This does not mean, however, that we should not keep our health in check through routine physicals that are easy to do within a home setup.

This article features 5 of the most beneficial indoor physical exercises, that can be done without machines, weights, or even the need to have an instructor or a partner. These exercises, have also been handpicked for you by professional trainers since they have been proved to have the greatest physical impact in your whole body.

To achieve some physical and health benefits, you need exercises that work on multiples muscles on your body. This is through compound exercises, which can be done without all the gym paraphernalia.


How many press-ups/ push-ups can you handle at one go? I would advise that you go for your highest number of push-ups, and that should be around 10 push-ups for beginners and up to 100 push-ups for pros.

These should be done in 3-5 sets. For example, have 4 sets of 15 push-ups. In between the sets, you can catch your breath by working some other muscles.

What you should understand is that you should avoid too much time between any set, as this could trigger fatigue and hence the release of stress hormones, cortisol. Push-ups work on several muscles such as, the pectoralis major, biceps, triceps, and the deltoids.


This is where you step forward with one leg and kneeling with the other leg, then back to a standing position. This works on the muscles from the waist downward. These are the gluteus, hamstrings, calf, and soleus muscles.

Scientists have found that this exercise has a big impact on testosterone release, which is a good thing. Do about 10 repetitions for each leg for 3-5 sets. This exercise can be incorporated between the push-up reps.

Rope skipping

This is another simple but very effective exercise that works different muscles, not forgetting the brain, in the whole timing thing.

The deltoid muscles, the calf, the front arm muscles (brevis, longus, and carpi radialis). A single set should comprise about 50 reps of continuous rope skipping. This exercise, has also bee deemed helpful in boxing, as it increases the precision of a punch as well as increasing endurance.

Do the reps for about 3-5 sets. The advantage of this exercise is that you can do it without a rope, what we call an invisible rope skipping. It follows a similar protocol, and you will have to jump a few inches off the ground and still rotate your wrists as if there was a rope involved.


These can also be referred to as the squat thrusts, and it involves attaining different positions hence working quite several muscles.

It begins with:1st a standing position with your legs hip-width apart, 2ndyou do a squat with the hands on the floor, the 3rd movement is you push your feet back to attain a plank position, 4th step you do a push-up, 5th return your feet into the squat position and lastly the 6th one, you spring up and jump with your hands high up.

This exercise is one of the best compound workouts, and can be challenging in the beginning, you can start with about 5reps of burpee for 3-5 sets. With time you get better, and you can be able to do more than 20 reps.


This is another excellent exercise that targets the stomach, back, and gluteus, hamstring muscles. In this exercise, you stand a few inches, about 10 from a wall, then flatly lean your back against the wall and slide down until you attain a sitting position.

You can stretch out your hands and hold on to this position for as long as you can, start with 15 seconds, or count to 20.

Due to the number of muscles involved, wall-sit burns a lot of calories, and it enhances a person’s endurance to even pain. Caution should be applied while doing some wall-sits, always avoid crumbling down but instead stand up after this exercise.

Crumbling down or simply sitting down has been studied to be a leading cause of damage to the knee ligaments and tendons.

These exercises form a great workout plan for all, there is no need for a partner for the loners and certainly no need for a machine. You need to exercise for about 30 minutes a day and about 3 days a week. Therefore, you can have a schedule of your own, where you do any of the above combinations.

Have a positive attitude while undertaking the exercises, stay hydrated, and, most of all, observe all the precautionary measures.

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